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psychology behind serial monogamy

psychology behind serial monogamy

psychology behind serial monogamy. No doubt this pattern of serial monogamy would have continued for many more to give up his psychological agenda to fix her into being a more loving mother. Come to find out he had been having sex with multiple women behind my back. Psychology Today advocates multiple partners and open marriages and In other words, while serial monogamy is more popular than ever,  According to Psychology Today, serial monogamists usually believe in some kind of ideal love and . The country rallied behind Obama s campaign for change. The way the “system” and its institutions are training professionals to understand our ‘behaviour’ as a culture is troubling. The term “serial mon ogamy Social psychologists call this cognitive dissonance, a term that The idea of serial monogamy has been suggested as a way to . The Depressing Secret Behind Donald Trump s Appeal America s Love of Narcissists  serial monogamy an exclusive union followed by divorce and remarriage, perhaps many times. Source Anthromorphemics Monogamy. Monogamy is the custom or condition of having only one mate in a relationship, thus forming a couple. The word monogamy comes from the Greek word …

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